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Your first skydive

There are different ways to make your first skydive. Depending on your personal preferences and your budget you can choose between four options.

Just let yourself fall and enjoy every moment!

On your tandem jump:

  • you are connected to an instrucor
  • together you are exiting the airplane
  • you can enjoy freefall
  • you get a first glimpse of the sport of skydiving

You want to be your own captain and steer your parachute!

On a staticline jump:

  • you are jumping by yourself
  • you will be steering your own parachute
  • an instructor will be coaching you via radio
  • you are being prepared with an extensive training

AFF firstjump
Jump into the ultimate freedom, get to know freefall!

On a AFF firstjump:

  • you can enjoy freefall on your own
  • two instructors accompany you in freefall
  • you open yourparachute and steer it to the landing zone
  • you are being coached via radio
  • a very extensive training prepares you for this adventure

Indoor Skydiving
The dream of human flight has never been this close!

On an indoor skydive:

  • you are flying in the airstream of a windtunnel
  • you don’t need an airplane nor a parachute
  • you can easily enjoy the feeling of freefall for 60 seconds or more
  • you can start to fly at the age of 5


How to get your skydiving license

After your first jump you may want to continue with this fantastic sport. The best way to do this is to book a basic course, be it an AFF or a static line course.

In these courses you learn the basics that will enable you to do solo jumps.

After this course you have to do your personal training jumps during which you have to pass three different tests to show your proficiency. Once you have done all the mandatory training jumps your instructor signs you up for the final exam which consists of two accuracy jumps and a freefall jump where you have to follow your examiner out of the airplane and do and hook up with him.
During your personal training you are also learning all the theoretical aspects of our sport. This part is completed with a written exam. Once you have passed both, the written and the practical exams, you are eligible to get your skydiving license.



Skydive Education System (SES) is a modular, broad-based continuing education system for licensed parachutists. SES is the combination of existing know-how with current sports knowledge and is constantly being developed by a team of experts. An overview of the current courses for beginners and coaches in Switzerland can be found on the SES website.

SES courses for beginners and advanced skydivers
Expand your horizons, hone your technique, train under expert guidance together with other jumpers.

We offer courses in the following disciplines:

  • Canopy control
  • Camera flying
  • Artistic Events
  • FS und VFS
  • Wingsuit
  • Tunnel Flying

SES coach
Do you want to train other jumpers after their licensing? The Skydive Education System gives you the opportunity to complete a thorough training for coaches.

It is part of the training for parachute jump instructors, is led by a team of experts and is based on current findings from the sports world. The coach education is aimed at:

  • Coaches who want to coach and train teams and individual jumpers
  • Parachutists who want to work towards the instructor training
  • Team jumpers who want to optimize the quality of their own training
  • Heads of schools or club volunteers who wish to broaden and improve the training offered in their organizations
  • Sports-interested and experienced jumpers who want to get to know newest techniques about training at a high level

Skydiving instructors rating

If you are interested in getting a Swiss Skydive instructors  or tandem rating please contact a SSD affiliated school.



Switzerland is a great place for skydiving. There are many dropzones and the scenery is fantastic.

There are a few things you have to be aware of as a travelling skydiver.

  • You must be a holder of a Swiss Skydive accepted skydiving license
  • You must have a liability coverage of at least 1 Mil. Swiss Francs. (This is regulated by law)

We offer this insurance for a three month policy



From east to west, from north to south, Switzerland has many dropzones with professional skydiving schools.

The map shows you all the active schools and clubs that are SSD sanctioned: